Website assessment

Your company probably already has a website, and you have spent time and money to get it to operate. You know it like the back of your hand and claim to understand both its strengths and weaknesses. There may also be the suspicion that it works well and provides optimal conditions for growth. But do the results indicate the same?

Many companies have the same website for years. It may occasionally be updated with some news, but otherwise nothing truly changes and unfortunately, this is noticed by both users and potential customers. Trends for style and tone and user friendliness change and returning users anticipate dynamics and innovation.

Isn’t it time for a change with your website?

We offer to analyze your website and help maximize value from your online efforts. Some of the areas in particular are:

  1. website design and navigation
  2. website branding including graphics and photos
  3. marketing opportunities including social media

You will receive a detailed report with recommendations on how to move forward and fully optimize your website.