Just invented this phrase. Techno-sentimentalistic. The reason is that last week in a friend’s Facebook status update, I stumbled upon the word “moviebox”. During lunch, one of her colleagues had to ask “What is a moviebox?” – which made me feel – well, not old, but rather sort of techno-sentimental.

(For young(er) people reading this blog: a moviebox was a movieplayer (VCR) we used to rent in the 80’s when renting movies (videotapes which came before DVDs) if we didn’t have a VCR at home). Think of how much has happened since the 1980’s – can we expect more new things or will future development just be add-ons to the old stuff?

The Facebook post got me thinking about the technological development during the past 25-30 years. 25 years ago, a moviebox was just the cleverest thing. Today, we rent and stream movies online – via the Internet, which we hadn’t even heard about, back then. Kids didn’t have mobile phones – heck most people didn’t have mobile phones. When I went to Austria on a language camp in 1986, I didn’t talk to my parents once during the three weeks I was there. And I survived. My 15-year-old son is in Germany on a language camp right now. And I hear from him once or twice a week – and when he needs more money, I can transfer money using my smartphone.

We have come a long way. For better or worse? What is certain is that we now have some pretty smart tools that make things a lot easier for us. At the same time, however, it also brings with it a lot of stress unless you’re capable of turning of and/or ignoring your email inbox, your smartphone, tablet or whatever your technological tools might be.

Thinking about the moviebox made me techno-sentimental. Because I LOVE gadgets and technological wonders, and always have. I remember our first VCR, which we talked mom into buying from one of my sister’s friends. I remember my first walkman – and the second and the third. I remember where I got them and which tapes got played (yeah tapes!). My family was early adopter when it came to computers – first with the Spectrum – later with Mac computers. My dad had a mobile phone (meaning a huge Ericsson phone connected to a box built into his car!!) in the late 80’s. I got a CD player early on. We had the small Nintendo Donkey Kong game and others like it (they didn’t come with different games – you had to get a machine for every game). I could go on and on.

In some ways, technological development just isn’t as special anymore.
We all have the gadgets – they are a part of everyday life. And that’s okay. I really enjoy my gadgets – both old ones and new – and I love the Internet. I so enjoy connecting to friends on Facebook wherever they or I may be, buying stuff online, and looking up information whenever I need it. There are so many great tools for both business, practical tasks and for entertainment. Last year, I ordered a concert ticket while I was at the fitness center, because I didn’t want to risk the concert being sold out. So I ordered the ticket online using my iPhone, paid, and saved the pdf ticket to my dropbox, from which I could later print the ticket. No need to miss training and going to the ticket booth at the venue (they probably don’t have one there anymore!).

I have just helped a client of mine to get on Facebook. I have designed the page, uploaded pictures and articles, and I have instructed the employees on how to update and share. Interesting stuff, which with proper use will give this company many golden opportunities and more business.

What will be the next technological wonder? Will it just be new versions of existing gadgets and online wonders or will we see real new development? Sometimes it seems that new developments just can’t be possible, because “we already have it all”. But I think that we will se both further development of existing products and new things. And I can’t wait! But I will also always be a bit Techno-sentimentalistic.