Profile page vs. Fan page – the choice is easy!

I know a local shop owner who has had a profile page for her shop on Facebook for a while. It is, however a regular profile page and not a fan page. This profile page has close to 2000 friends. That is quite a bit for a small local shop. I recently told her, that I recommend that she set up a fan page instead of the profile page. I focus on two reasons.

First of all, Facebook rules state that commercial businesses must set up fan pages – not profile pages. People have to know what and whom they are dealing with. If Facebook discovers commercial businesses on profile pages, they will probably delete if (goodbye friends!). Second reason is that a fan page has statistics, the Facebook Insights, which can help you in your social media efforts. You get information on gender, age, and geography and, more importantly, you can see which of your posts get the best reach and engagement, so you’ll learn what posts, pictures, and links work the best.

But, alas, she does not want to set up a fan page. The reason? She is happy with the page she already has and is afraid that not all friends of the shop will move to the new page.

She might be right about the idea that there could be people who won’t like the new page – even if she tries to move people by having a drawing of prizes or something. But you know what I think? The ones who don’t move to the new page are not interested in getting the updates and offers anyway. I’ll bet we have all liked pages that we are not really that into anyways. And wouldn’t you rather have fans that engage and buy your products than fans that don’t care?

I do recommend that all commercial businesses make sure that they have a fan page and not a profile page. The task of converting might seem overwhelming, but at the end of the day, the task is not so hard, and the benefits definitely outweigh the work.