About the projects

Altox asked me to do a website assessment. In the briefing process, they ended up deciding on getting a new logo, too. I have also helped them set up a nice template for their Mailchimp newsletters.

Altox A/S

Altox Ltd. is a consultative company specialized within the areas of the Environment, Occupational health, Biocides, Cosmetics, Toys and Chemicals. Altox has two main activities: Counselling and Courses.

Altox’s website: http://www.altox.dk

About the assignments

After a briefing on the desired effects, I did a Website Assessment, mapping the strengths and weaknesses in Altox’s former site. I did a report on the results, which Altox then shared with their web provider and the website was subsequently changed based on my recommendations.

In the process it became clear that Altox’s old logo did not have the desired branding value. I designed a new and colorful logo, which clearly signals Altox’s work.

Later I helped Altox with advice about using LinkedIn and I have also set up  a nice looking and easy-to-use template for Altox’s Mailchimp newsletters.