Can marketers help change the tone of voice in society?

In my opinion, the tone of voice between people – both grown-ups and kids – has become harsher in recent years. This is why I really like a campaign launched by the cell phone provider Call me. The basic message of the campaign is “Talk properly”. I recently had the opportunity to hear about the campaign at an event arranged by IAA Denmark (International Advertising Association), where Anthony Lim, Sales- and marketing director at Call me, presented the campaign.

The campaign came to life after Call me had done market research that showed that 77% of Danes thought that the tone between people had become more harsh. Call me and a small agency worked together to use this commercially – and what started as a campaign ended up being a movement! Call me had people contacting their sales department asking if Call me was the “Talk properly”-company and when getting the reply, they said “Great, I want to sign on”. Other results speak for themselves:
Net growth of customer base: 175%
Improvement of loyalty: 24%
Preference improved 260%
Number of Facebook fans rose by 500%
Doubled the number of customer referrals.

I personally love the campaign – not just the message but also the way it was executed with the commercials for TV, campaign-site, and happenings at schools where the campaign was used for educational purposes. So yes, I do believe that marketers can help change the tone of voice in society.
You can watch one of the commercials here:

It is in Danish, but the message is so clear that I am sure non-Danish speaking people will get it right away.