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Can you pacify the angry customer in social media?

I often hear and read discussions about the tone in social media and about companies that are scared of engaging on social platforms, because they are nervous about what will happen if somebody writes something negative. There is no doubt about it: social media is the weapon of choice, when customers want to complain. Especially […]

Visual matters in 2013

One of the trends I see for social media in 2013 is an increased emphasis on the visual aspect of social media. One reason why this is getting to be more and more important is that fact that company page posts get a better rank in newsfeeds when they come with pictures. At the same […]

It’s finally here: The share feature on Facebook mobile

It’s been quiet on this blog for a while, but not quiet at the office. There are loads of things going on in online marketing and social media. Every day brings new inspiration, new features – and therefore lots of new opportunities. One of my favorite recent features is the Facebook share option on mobile […]


Just invented this phrase. Techno-sentimentalistic. The reason is that last week in a friend’s Facebook status update, I stumbled upon the word “moviebox”. During lunch, one of her colleagues had to ask “What is a moviebox?” – which made me feel – well, not old, but rather sort of techno-sentimental. (For young(er) people reading this […]

Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

I recently stumbled upon a book called “The Starbucks Experience – 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary” by Joseph A. Michelli. Since I am a great Starbucks fan (who unfortunately lives in a country where there’s only Starbucks at the Copenhagen Airport!), I of course had to read a book about what makes Starbucks […]


It has been too long since I last posted a blog, so today is the day for the new blog post! And even though the gray sky outside is not exactly great inspiration, the topic I want to share came to me quickly: I finally got around to watching MadMen! So far, I have only […]

Are you involved in theft on the web?

One of the hot topics in social media right now is the use of Pinterest and the misuse of rights to images. Very few people think about the fact that pinning pictures can be a violation of copyrights and might lead to prosecution. Are you in trouble? Read on and find out. Just a few […]