Visual matters in 2013

One of the trends I see for social media in 2013 is an increased emphasis on the visual aspect of social media. One reason why this is getting to be more and more important is that fact that company page posts get a better rank in newsfeeds when they come with pictures. At the same time, the social platforms based on visual content like Instagram, Flikr and Pinterest are gaining popularity.

So how do you make sure you get the best effect from the pictures you post?

Quality pictures/illustrations, original pictures/illustrations, funny pictures/illustrations
(without compromising your brand’s esthetics!), relevant pictures/illustrations….. If your budget does not allow using a pro photographer or someone who can draw, there are plenty og reasonably priced stock photos/illustrations or you can take your own pictures (- if they a a bit fuzzy you can easily give them another look in Instagram or, if you have those skills, in Photoshop).

You can of course also hire a social media consultant with graphic skills and a talent for spotting the right images (wink, wink) 🙂

I will definitely be following this trend and will be posting more insights as they turn up.