It’s finally here: The share feature on Facebook mobile

It’s been quiet on this blog for a while, but not quiet at the office. There are loads of things going on in online marketing and social media. Every day brings new inspiration, new features – and therefore lots of new opportunities. One of my favorite recent features is the Facebook share option on mobile – now your messages can really get around the world in no time.

I was really happy when I downloaded the Facebook update on my mobile and got the new share feature. Why? Because the number of mobile users, and thereby possible product ambassadors, is huge.

According to Facebook, there are 604 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products as of September 30, 2012. In October the total number of users of Facebook reached 1 billion, so 604 million is A LOT. The best way of reaching many Facebook users through the newsfeed has, for a long time, been by adding a picture to your updates. And many, if not most, marketers have done just so. Until recently all those mobile users couldn’t share that kind of content. Just think of how many opportunities have been missed!
Therefore: Hooray for the mobile-share-option.

And, now, go share!