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Soren Sepstrup Lonkvist

Working with Camilla Jacobs is such a pleasure. Her company has taken care of everything regarding branding and graphic design both online and off line in my companies. No task is to small or too big. Camilla gets the job done, so that we can focus on our core business.

Soren Sepstrup Lonkvist
John Carlsen

I have worked with Camilla in most categories in marketing over the years. Camilla has unconditional very strong competencies within the category of Social Networking. She manages to build the bridge between the traditional Marketing and use of and thinking in Social Networks. Camilla possess the necessary practical knowledge and experience combined with a theoretical and analytical approach. Camilla manages to communicate the business opportunities, challenges and pitfalls in precisely the social networks. We all face a significant paradigm shift during these years – and honestly, most of us marketers meet here our own inadequacy and our best decision is to recognize this and seek the necessary expertise. A choice of Camilla as an expert adviser and consultant would be an obvious and good beginning for most of us!
Sincerely, John Carlsen

John CarlsenFounder, COO and Board Member