Big potential: your opportunities on Facebook

I launched my company page on Facebook a couple of days ago. Inviting my Facebook friends to join, writing a great welcome-text on the fan page and posting one message on LinkedIn got me 52 fans in just 22 hours. Think of the potential. If I can keep this up for a week, I will have more than 300 fans. And I haven’t even started using Facebook ads, yet! Wow. Just imagine what the number could be in a year!

There is huge potential for companies using Facebook Pages! There is no doubt about that. But many companies haven’t found out, yet. Some do not see how they can benefit from Facebook, some see Facebook as a waste of time, and some actually have a page, but don’t update it, and therefore don’t reach the goals they set and think it’s worthless. There are many examples. I do understand why some companies hesitate. Using Facebook for marketing your business, service or products requires the same amount of planning and strategy as does using any other marketing tool – and it requires time and the full attention of one or more employees. But if you take the potential into consideration, it just might be worth your while. And contrary to many beliefs, it is possible to measure the effect of your investments. There are a number of tools, e.g. your own sales statistics, Facebook’s “Insights”, software that measures the effect of campaigns – and of course there’s the number of likes you can measure!

If you haven’t done so already, please like my Facebook page and follow my progress.